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Playbox during it’s stay in Seacroft, LS14 Photo credit M Spadafora

“The well-being of society begins with the well-being of children. All kids deserve a childhood filled with the balanced and active play needed to thrive” Kaboom

We are on a mission, much like Kaboom in the US, to enable every child in any neighbourhood to enjoy equal quality of play right where they live. Our experience shows us that by instigating balanced play opportunities, children and their families and carers not only have a healthier, more connected life, but take more ownership of where they live. By involving young people and their families in determining their own play, at a very local level, they become instigators of their own futures. We have witnessed first hand how play brings people together, helps with a sense of belonging and safety, and reduces anti social tendencies*.

Playful Anywhere has spent the last two years developing a playful box of fun to bring creative and balanced play to young people (and by no means exclusively just the young) of Leeds. Playbox01 is our moveable, robust and imaginative 20ft refurbished shipping container has been invited by residents, community organisations and retailers to come catalyse play, friendships and conviviality.

We’ve been contacted by people in neighbourhoods, festivals, community developments in Leeds and beyond to either take Playbox to their parks and commons, or to help them develop their own Playbox where they live.

In 2017 we’re determined to help any neighbourhood community wanting to put play where they live to gain and share ideas, to be enterprising, and develop their own solutions to play, in parks, between bus stops, at school, anywhere and everywhere. Playbox is one part of a wider holistic ecology required to spearhead confidence and citizen centred community flourishing.

How can you play your part?

Businesses we’re looking to support play across the city and beyond, here are some ways you could get involved;

  • Sponsor a new Playbox + programme of activities on an annual basis in Seacroft and/or Armley 
  • Book Playbox01 to come to your development, place of work or local community for a week or longer
  • Help us take our original roving Playbox01 to the next level with solar power, catering kit + kiosk
  • Help design and build our Playbox community website, shareable resources + toolkit
  • Support our Spark in the Park programme of playful technology workshops with communities across Leeds
  • Donate kit and supplies. Sports, games, art and craft supplies are in constant demand. If you have good quality/new stuff we’d love to hear from you
  • Organise a team building activity or away day whilst Playbox is in Leeds City Centre. We don’t think play is just for children…and all our proceeds go back into our social mission

If you represent a festival,  community, residents group, friends of parks group, housing association wanting to hire/book/test out Playbox01 then please do get in touch, we expect to be in Leeds City Centre from February and would love to hear more about your ideas for play where you live or work.

For further information and research we’ve conducted over the last two years please get in contact with Emma@PlayboxWorld.Com



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