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Playbox in Beeston

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Playful Anywhere were commissioned by Inner South Community Committee to deliver Playbox01 and relevant activities into Trentham Park, Beeston Hill.

We split our residency into 2 parts, firstly 4 days at the end of the summer holidays and then a full 7 days in October Half Term.

Most days we were joined by over 40 young people who had lots of ideas on what they would like to see happen in their neighbourhood, and would like to continue to influence how the park develops further.

We delivered free play, creative activities daily with a number of different age appropriate experienced facilitators who take a responsive approach to working with the public in parks and public spaces. Here is a video made with the young people in the park.
PBox_Beeston_portraits_Aug17_MSpadafora (36)

We thought the concept and delivery of Playbox was creative and meaningful. It delivered a safe fun play space with pompoms, dance, basketball, obstacle courses and the fun activities our young people had planned! It was energetic, colourful, friendly and fun!

Leeds DEC Educating for a Just and Sustainable world www.globalschools.org.uk


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I think the project being there was a BRILLIANT. In an area where not much at all goes on for the young people of the area, you could see the buzz of what was going on as soon as I arrived. It was lovely to see certain children taking roles and responsibilities within the project and them all work together as a team to manage challenging behaviour.

I had a wonderful time, and I’m positive the area would benefit massively for more Playful action. 
Faye Kenny, Beeston Hill Resident and Founder of Boomchickaboom

The Inner South Community Committee commissioned Playbox01 as an engagement vehicle to start conversations around how local residents can influence the best use of the space at Trentham Park in Beeston Hill.

@Playbox01 provided that unique opportunity and neutral space where both the children and adults felt comfortable to creatively express new ideas, challenge perceptions, stereotypes and offer insights on why the park fails to meet the needs and expectations of the local residents. It was positive to hear the local residents and partners express the desire to make the park a place they can feel a sense of belonging and aspiration, to join the movement in making the park a community haven for local residents.

Seeing the young people use the materials provided by @Playbox01 creatively at Trentham Park truly brought the park alive with laughter, giggles, friendships, dancing, exploring their natural artistry and trying new activities that they normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience and enjoy.

@Playbox01 is only the start of this journey and we hope to keep up the momentum and build upon the foundation that has been laid during their residency at Trentham Park.’’ Light Addaquay Leeds City Council

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